What are the 5 Districts of Los Angeles County?

Learn about Los Angeles County's five districts and how they were formed by a citizens' redistricting commission with this comprehensive guide.

What are the 5 Districts of Los Angeles County?

A citizens' redistricting commission approved Wednesday a map for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors that creates a second mostly Latino district while maintaining a concentration of black voters in South Los Angeles, United States. This new map, which went into effect immediately, brings together more Asian-American voters and creates a new political reality for supervisors, who lost their loyal constituents and have new ones to judge. The County Citizens Redistricting Commission has finalized its map for the L. A.

Five District County Board of Supervisors. This provoked a strong reprimand from Third District Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who accused some politicians seeking a seat on the board of influencing commissioners. The rich beach towns represented by Janice Hahn went to Supervisor Holly Mitchell's second district, combining coastal areas from Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach with parts of Mid-Wilshire and South L. Hahn now represents the second mostly Latino district, with the addition of mostly Latino communities, such as South Gate, Huntington Park and Lynwood, which were previously in the first or second district.

Each map under consideration would create a second district with a large population of Latino voters. But Black and Asian voters would be grouped differently. Latino representation on the board of directors has long been an issue in a county that is 49% Latino, 26% white, 15% Asian, and 9% black. The first Latino supervisor, Gloria Molina, was elected in 1991 after a judge found that supervisors had manipulated district lines to keep the growing Latino population out of power.

Mitchell is black and the other three supervisors are white. Mitchell's second district was previously represented by Mark Ridley-Thomas, who is black. According to the new map, the second district maintains approximately the same percentage of black voters, about 29 per cent as before, with much of southern L. and cities like Compton and Inglewood remaining within their limits.

New Map Reduces Percentage of Latino Voters in First District of Solis to 52% from 62%. That brings the percentage of Asian voters in the Solis district to almost 27%, the highest of any district in at least two decades. In a statement, Solis said goodbye to southeastern L. communities that have left their district.

He also said he would immediately know the needs of his new constituents, including Asian-Americans in the San Gabriel Valley. Under the new map, Kuehl District 3 lost some world-renowned cultural spots, the Hollywood Bowl, the L. County Museum of Art, Ford La Brea Tar Pits and Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to Districts 2 and 5.Holtzman proposed those changes at Sunday's meeting and argued that linking Burbank, already in the 5th District, with other entertainment and media centers made sense. He had previously advocated adding Hollywood to the fifth but was “rejected” he said.

The federal Voting Rights Act requires that district lines be drawn so that racial and ethnic groups have a fair chance to choose the candidate of their choice. They reduced the proposed maps to three, all of which created a second, mostly Latino district before selecting a map on Sunday that was approved in Wednesday's final vote. Kuehl's email lashed out at Holtzman's changes. Moving the conservative communities of the San Fernando Valley, including Chatsworth and Porter Ranch, from the 5th District to the 3rd creates a more “centrist” 3rd District while making Kathryn Barger's 5th District easier for a Democrat to win he wrote without naming names he said politicians interested in the seats influenced the commission to “shape their own dream districts”.

Barger who plans to run again in 2024 and is the only Republican on the junta was quieter after the new map State Sen Henry Stern announced his candidacy for the 3rd District on Thursday City Comptroller Ron Galperin and West Hollywood Councilmember Lindsey Horvath have previously said they are running for the position On Tuesday Senate Majority Leader Robert Hertzberg tweeted that he is “seriously considering running in the 3rd District” As population expanded throughout 20th century Los Angeles County did not subdivide into separate counties or increase number of supervisors as its population skyrocketed Original artwork created by three students from Third District of Los Angeles County will decorate hundreds of beach trash barrels this summer Supervisor Sheila Kuehl announced today On April 1 1850 citizens.


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