How Many Airports Are There in Los Angeles?

Discover how many airports are there in Los Angeles with this expert guide. Learn about Long Beach Airport, John Wayne Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport and more.

How Many Airports Are There in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles region is home to a major cargo airport, four military airfields, and two dozen general aviation airports. The smallest and most limited of these resources is Long Beach Airport, located south of Los Angeles. Tourists visiting the city for the first time may find it the most convenient option, as it is closest to the city center. However, those looking to visit Disneyland or other nearby attractions may find it expensive and difficult to get to.

John Wayne Airport is one of the international airports of Los Angeles in Orange County, California. It has a well-maintained Los Angeles airport area for proper passenger safety and good communication with authorities. Hollywood Burbank Airport serves the northern Greater Los Angeles region, including Glendale, Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley. Long Beach Airport is an option for those traveling to Los Angeles and heading to the Orange County area or theme parks, as long as they don't mind paying extra for their transportation from the terminal.The performance of international time arrival flights from Los Angeles is 80.92% compared to the average performance of the United States 79.99% on time arrival flights.

Los Angeles International's on-time departure performance is 81.52% compared to the United States 81.56% average on-time departure performance.Ontario International Airport is located east of Los Angeles, in the room network of the city of Ontario, California, and is claimed by the City of Ontario and the District of San Bernardino, under a Joint Powers Agreement. San Bernardino International Airport is an outdoor terminal located less than 3 km southeast of downtown San Bernardino, California, in San Bernardino County, California, USA. It serves the Inland Empire and is the next most used aircraft terminal after LAX and is also one of the best airports in Los Angeles.When traveling to Los Angeles with the intention of visiting another place close by, such as Disneyland or Inland Empire, it's best to thoroughly study travel options from other airports as they are likely much cheaper and save a lot of time.

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