Can California Be Hit by a Tsunami?

Find out if California can be hit by a tsunami and what kind of damage it can cause. Learn more about the recent tsunami threat on the West Coast and how it was avoided.

Can California Be Hit by a Tsunami?

Fortunately, it appears that the Bay Area and the rest of California were spared from the worst of the damage that a tsunami can cause on Saturday. Following the eruption of an underwater volcano near Tonga, surges of water flooded or threatened ports and low-lying areas in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Berkeley and Marin County. This was the most serious tsunami threat on the West Coast in more than a decade, leading to warnings, evacuations and beach closures across the coast. But by Saturday night, it seemed that the region had avoided the worst of it, with some damage to boats and properties reported in Santa Cruz and other communities and no reports of serious injuries.

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